I suggest your selection of the best, in my opinion, movies about hackers. Films are presented in different years of release from the personal collection, the rating is based on my preferences. The storyline of this selection is able to surprise you with an unexpected turn of events.

Benjamin Engel is a young computer genius, since childhood was not able to realize in the human society, more and more spent time at the computer and by graduation became a first-class hacker. Benjamin’s life changes sharply after meeting with Charismatic Max, who persuades the main character to join the hacker group. The new grouping of Clay Hackers («Clown Laughing At You» — «clowns laugh at you») makes a series of audacious hacks and become idols for a whole generation. But not everything is so smoothly folded in the life of the main character, and he voluntarily surrendered to the special agent of Europol to combat cybercrime. Benjamin tells the viewer about what actually happened to the Clay group, calling this story «the greatest hack in the history of social engineering.»

Imagine the world of the near future, where computer chips are implanted in the head of each person from birth. Now computer systems know everything you hear and whatever you see. Therefore, in order to reveal the crime just to analyze the records of internal chambers of victims, suspected and witnesses. During the next consequence, the policeman and his colleagues discover that the record of the killed was hacked and distorted. Soon it becomes clear that the Girl-hacker worms in the city, which is not listed in the databases, and in fact it is invisible to the police. Before the police, the door of the criminal world of the new era opens.

Criminal thriller on the most popular in Europe, in 2008, the novel of Sting Larsson.
Is it possible to reveal a crime that had 40 years ago? It was then that Harriet Wagner disappeared without a trace from the nominal estate. Her body has never been found, but her uncle is convinced that it was a murder, and hires a journalist Michael Blumquist to investigate. Together with a computer hacker Lisbet Salander, they begin to disperse the dark and terrible chronology of the Wagner family.

The 11-year-old boy Dade gets 7 years conditionally and prohibiting a computer and a push-button for up to 18 years for creating a virus that has infected 1507 computer systems. After 7 years, the young hacker is translated into another school, where he gets to the same enthusiastic people as he himself.
The company of new friends, Dade is having fun shames in the network, until he accidentally finds a suspicious «worm» endowed with a hidden function of pumping money from the accounts of the oil company. The author of the malicious program, a cunning hacker under the nickname of the plague, decides to get rid of unexpected guests by the greatest podst. However, young hackers reveal the degradation of true plans for the plague and unite their technical knowledge to launch a massive cyberspace attack, which should clean them from suspicion and prevent environmental disasters.

So we approached the top of my list …
I do not know if there are those who have not watched this film with the «Star» cast, but for those who were born after the premiere, tell a little about him.
One of the most dangerous spies in the world, a former CIA employee, and now a brilliant criminal, decides to steal $ 9 billion from illegal government funds. To theft, he needs to hack a computer network security system, and for this work he finds a hacker, who recently served the term for hacking the FBI. In order to attract hacker to work, he lures his ability to get a guardianship over his daughter, which Hacker lost due to imprisonment, and a chance to start a new life.
However, holding the implementation of this complex and risky operation, the main character suddenly understands that he is only a pawn in a big game …

What other films have you included in this list? Tell me in the comments.

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