The State Duma considers a bill that will reduce the risk of loans to fraudsters.

Recently, the number of fraudulent schemes with loan design with the use of bank applications and fake documents has increased.

Thus, fraudsters abduct funds by making loans to citizens, having access to personal data, copies of documents or mobile devices with installed banking applications.

The main meaning of the draft law is that now through the personal office of the public service, the user can put a limit on issuing loans to its name. Amendments can be made to the Great Code, as well as the laws «On Consumer Credit» and «On Credit Stories».

In the event of a loan for a citizen, if he has a ban on a loan in a personal account, banks and microfinance organizations will have to refuse loan to its name. If the contract is still concluded, the lenders will not be able to require payments of debt or selling it to collectors.

The deadline for making a document for consideration of the State Duma is still unknown.

It should be understood that even if the bill will be accepted, it will not protect citizens by 100% of the action of an attacker, because the ban can be created, so it can be removed, i.e. Most likely it will increase the number of attacks on personal accounts of users in public services. The emergence of many phishing pages that imitate the entrance to the Personal Cabinet of the State Service, and the new scenarios of social engineering should be expected.