The letter that I got a lottery tickets to me for free, I received last month. He passed on the link and immediately understood that these are the next scammers. Their work algorithm was little different from other similar sites, and I forgot them safely. But the other day, a similar letter came to another mailbox with the same reference itself, i.e. More than a month passed, and the scam site was still alive. It all encouraged me to carry out a full analysis of the work of the scam site.

Turning the link from the letter, you will encounter the window in which the «alleged» data will be analyzed by your IP address, phone numbers and so on. The semantic load window itself does not carry and need to show the user that it is not accidental here and is really waiting for free tickets. On the next page you congratulate you on receiving 3 free tickets and offered to play them right away (leaf):

Well, we got tickets, now let’s see what

Please note the permanent satellite of such sites — the page with feedback or live chat, which you simply cannot write anything. Reviews There, of course, different. There are among them and indignation that not every ticket winning, but the point is still coming down to one — everyone wins and bring money.

If you are attentive, then you can see that when I «presented» three free tickets, they all had different bar codes and serial numbers, and when the draw, barcode and the number of tickets were always alone. This, of course, omission from scammers, but who looks at the numbers?! — Everyone is looking at the amount of winning!

After the third ticket draw, you will be offered to bring money:

Next will contact you a «lottery specialist» in order to set a few questions and help get funds. Specialist, you need to say, from this robot so-so, he does not care what you write). It is needed here only in order to weaken your vigilance, because it is assumed that now a living person works with you (leaf):

So we smoothly approached the time when we try to «pull money.» First you are offered to choose from the amount you are ready to part:

At the same time, it doesn’t matter how you will fill offered fields to get a winning, there are no logical checks there, you can not even fill them. For a fraudster, the main thing is that you pay the cost of «enrollment» of your funds.

That would seem, and that’s it. You sent the money to the fraudster and it is clear that now you will not get any win, but the fraudster will not let you just go. You have already believed him and hooked on the hook «freebies», which means a fraudster will try to pull out the maximum of money. How?

Then will go «Delivery» (all sorts of commissions):

Thus, the amount on which the fraudster calculates can be much more than the one that you are offered to choose at the beginning.
Do not be fooled by free, it does not happen).

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