It should be a very short post just with one rule, how to act if you were called from the Bank’s Security Service or «Law Enforcement Bodies».

True will not quickly fail. Often meeting the titles of the type «

Immediately make a reservation, for people confident in themselves and responding: «Evening in the hut», there will be nothing new here. An article for those who still begins to worry when entering such calls to the phone, and if the call coincides with the fact that you recently did the translation or took a loan, then some generally panic starts.

For example, our employee is resorted to me today, in the trembling hands the phone, which is simply broken away from calls. Call from the «Investigative Committee», «Catch the bank employee who issued a loan for it.» And I see, because he understands that fraudsters, I tell her: «Scammers», and she nods and immediately says — «And what if the truth did it, I just like mom yesterday?»?

And now the golden rule:

Everything, do not join the conversations, if the truth was the translation or credit, you can not change anything by phone! If the police work — you will receive a chance if the Bank’s Security Service is invited to the department!

No one by phone loans and translations will cancel and money will not return! Therefore, relax, reset the call. Wouldn’t Relax? — Go to the bank after work or when there will be time.

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