Good afternoon friends! For a long time I did not write articles about Internet fraudsters, as I was on the post office «Official Notice» on the draw of the Lottery Draw Evromillion, which
took place on May 11, 2021. And, of course, my email became the winner in this draw.

I did not immediately strain the article about how the fraudsters are breeding people through the «inheritance» and «winnings», but decided to a little alternate with fraudsters.

In general, the notification itself is very poorly executed, as if the schoolboy in Word was and retained in PDF. They want in response the details that sent me, i.e. In fact, they want to check whether this mailbox is responsible — answer. Immediately in response, it was proposed to fill out the questionnaire. Suspiciously came quickly, so I wrote to them that I do not understand how to fill out, for this text is on the unknown language to me. The answer was not to wait to wait (know how to use the translator), it means there it was still not a robot — cradle. Fill out the questionnaire and send fraudsters.

The data, of course, followed fictional, although I gave them a hint (suddenly you want to check the address — a correctional colony in Magadan), and Constantine The Lord of Darkness was «in the topic.» But the fraudsters did not bother to check any data and simply sent me a bunch of documents, «blind» as it fell (leaf).

The meaning of this act was as follows:

What legalization, and what it is determined, I could not explain to me. In order to «legalize» winnings, I need to arrive at the ministry
Spain economy in Madrid. Well, or fill the power of attorney so that my interests can represent a notary. So we approached the amount of fraud — the cost of services of the notary 782 euros. Of course, the organizers cannot withdraw these means from the «winnings», because the money is frozen in the bank.

There came the weekend, and somehow I was not with my hands to correspond with fraudsters, so they did not wait for themselves, they just poured my mail letters, where they told that

And even sent a copy of the passport of my agent, in order to confirm the legality of what is happening, and of course, began to put pressure on the fact that if I did not make a transaction in the near future, the «winnings» is canceled.

I had to refer to ignorance of the subtleties of international translations and ask time. I didn’t lose time for nothing and using photoshop, made a «payment» for them, exclusively to bring scammers to clean water:

Now the ball was on the side of the scam, and I began to fall asleep with letters to pay me my «win.» Initially, I was given a postponement for 5 days to design documents. After 5 days, they began to clarify the details of the translation, which, of course, was not.

After 10 days, I started «hysteria», and I began to demand a «win» or a refund. As a result, Spanish fraudsters declared me a fraudster, and they simply stopped answering me.

I wanted to go further and on the interpol website to leave information about fraudsters, because I had their bank details and even someone’s passport, but as it turned out, they take information only about the wanted criminals, and sorry … it would be a good lesson for Fans of freebies for someone else’s account.

So, it turns out, Nigerian letters have not yet become extinct, but simply changed their format, and since they are still selected, it means that there is a profit, and there are those who send them money.

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