Very often, when the question arises about how you defend your devices, I come across a banal misunderstanding. Many believe that they have nothing to protect on their computer, so they are not threatened by the directional actions of the hackers, and at best they have some simple antivirus.

Let’s consider cases when your computer may be the goal of attacking an attacker, even if it does not store any seemingly valuable data.

Money? What money? They agreed that the computer does not store any important information, and it does not even come to the client-bank. Everything is very simple, you probably heard about such concepts as

It certainly concerns not all, and lovers of online games or games with an account in Stream. Can be stealing the paid account and further put it on sale. Or may «split» your favorite character in the online game and throw off the weapons and equipment mined to another character with further resale. I think the players know how disappointing or even disastrous.

No, of course, we are not talking here about the mail address, but by your IP. Why is he hacker, and how will he use it? Hacker can turn your computer into part of the botnet network and remove his dirty divids already on behalf of your car. For example, hack other people’s accounts, infect devices or even use for massive attacks on sites. Of course, you will know about it when I will come to you from the «K» department, and for sure, they will understand that you are not moreover, but I agree, pleasant little. In addition, the tricky hacker after the attack or the transfer of money can be cleaned about the traces, and then to prove your innocence to the overall crime will be much more complicated.

It may be so that you can only hack for the sake of self-selecting the next «Mamkin Hacker». At best, he will simply report what he is cool, and will leave his pseudonym, in the worst, destroy all your files and wrap the system so that it cannot be restored without reinstallation. The goal here is as much as possible and louder to declare yourself. He does not seek your confidential data, he is looking for fame. Thus, the chief hit of 2019 was a hacking of Capital One, which was carried out by an emotionally unstable hacker looking for popularity in professional circles.

This, of course, is not all the interests that the hacker can pursue at your computer. In the article, I only wanted to show that even the most «uninteresting» computer may be threatened and requires protection, or at least understanding from the user that it is required. In the comments, you can add goals that the attacker can pursue, attacking the computer without important information.

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