It all started with a gift certificate that gave me and my friend. Certificate was from the tourist club

A special place is made at once several objects:

To speak honestly, after I was given a certificate, I had mixed feelings: on the one hand, the place is interesting, and on the other … Why do I need intermediaries? What kind of kindergarten? Equipment I have, the experience of walking in hiking is. But, as they say, «do not look at a gift horse in his teeth,» he also gathered a rather large group — almost 40 people. So I decided to look for everywhere «pros»: new acquaintances, and a large staff of instructors (5 people), «suggested me that, at a minimum, I learn something new.

The start of the campaign was appointed from Kazan, although it was possible to get to the point and independently by car, but since we decided to plunge into the tour from the very beginning, they left the car in Kazan and went along with all by bus. Already when landing, I realized that the tour would not be quite easy. The fact is that the majority of tourists turned out to be girls and children, and a considerable amount of equipment and products, respectively, lay on the shoulders of instructors and those few men that were in the group. But we are strong! We will cope! But already at this stage I guessed that my first thoughts about lazy rest on the bank of the Volga is not true!

The bus dropped us with things from the road, to the forest was hand to file — 50 meters, so the organizational stuff for the camp in his free hands was on his free hands and headed for the instructor. It is necessary to pay tribute to the whole group, despite the exhausting heat and your own things, all without any capsies took organizational things for the camp (even children) and went together in the forest, so before the first point we made only one walker.


Camp we broke in the middle of the slope of the ravine, because The ravine is very deep and has a stepped shape (leaf).

The place is often used, so peeled from branches, and only a carpet from fallen oak leaves covers the ground. The stage of the ravine is quite wide, and there are 2 more camps on us on us. One edge goes directly to the coast of the Volga, but! The coast is very frown. No, there is not a slope, there is just almost with a cliff, so if you arrive there with children, it is better for you to take a place in meters 70 from the shore. There is a little more mosquitoes, but also safer.

When organizing the camp, no one gives you instructions, so you can choose a place for the tent and put it as you like more. It should be noted the organized operation of the instructors: first of all, they organized a full dinner upon arrival. Moreover, it was done for us almost imperceptibly, it cost us to install their tent, as we were announced that in 10 minutes we were going at the fire for lunch. In general, the instructors behaved very professionally, but did not bother with anyone, but at each stage, the campaigns turned out to be near to help or suggest how to make it right, and most importantly, to be safe.

Immediately after dinner, the entire group was divided into 2 detachments, the first detachment went to the cave, the second in the gallery. I found myself in the 2nd detachment. We were given a helmet and asked to wear them immediately as we go to the shore.

The road to the gallery goes on a very riveted shore, in some places the trail of a width of no more than half a meter, downstairs, and the Volga, upstairs, with which are periodically small, but stones, therefore, the requirements of instructors are quite valid. The gallery themselves are quite safe if you show caution and prudence. High ceilings, wide walls, places lie mountains of stones, collapsed from galley arch. There is very good — cool, no mosquitoes). In the morphological relationship, underground production is a lattice labyrinth — about 11 moves go to the shore, so it is impossible to get lost there, but it is quite possible to turn the leg or hit the head. In places in the depths of the gallery we stumbled on small lakes. From the words of the instructors, they have recently been with ice, but even in the monster form they are impressive. Water evaporating on them creates a rather tight fog that is not capable of breaking the beam of the lantern, which gives visit to the shred even more mysteriousness (leaf).

Another feature of the gallery is the presence of small caves that have arisen as a result of leaching the breed with thawed waters, it is possible to penetrate into them on a small fault closer to the ceiling of the gallery. Water dripping there almost constantly, so if not a helmet, then the feeling arises that you stand under the shower (leaf)

Immediately after visiting gallery, we went to the cave: they are located nearly literally 100 meters from each other. At the same time, at least the camp was not far away, but to get back it was necessary to climb the steep slope of the ravine. And if a couple of times there is not a problem, then the more often you do it, the more difficult it is to rise. Therefore, the instructors warned in advance to take us all the necessary — and water for 6 hours (yes, I was too surprised at first, what kind of depth is such a cave and shred, that we will be so long there) and smelting, because It was advisable immediately after visiting the cave to swim, the beach is from it only 70 meters away.

While we were waiting for the return of the 1st group from the cave, the instructor gave us a snack, all this time he walked with a considerable backpack, where, it turns out, I wore the afternooner. Why am I writing it? The fact is that I used to eat every 3 hours in small portions and I was very worried that I would walk hungry. As it turned out, I worked completely in vain — the organizers know their work, I did not have a feeling of hunger at all, the route was turned completely in time, so it was easy, but a full snack was waiting for us while we were preparing to descend to the cave.

Dive. Yes, like this right away! Despite the rather large spill in the slope of the ravine to get into the cave, you will have to get on your knees, LAZ is completely small. Literally after 15 meters, the first obstacle — it is necessary on the knees on the stones of spinning meters 5 through the angular corridor with a height of only 50 cm. At the same time, adrenaline adds a break on one side: even if not deep, only 3 meters. But if you eat there, how to climb back?! The first obstacle immediately reduced our squad for 2 people, no, there was no loss, they simply decided that they would not go further.

The cave is very raw, places water pours from above as out of the soul, because all the stones are wet and cold, very slippery. You must have comfortable shoes on solid soles and closed clothes. No, of course, you can go there and in shorts, with a flashlight on the phone, but so you will not pass and you will not be able to feel the beauty of this cave (leaf).

In places to go ahead, it was necessary to squeeze into very narrow holes with a diameter of only 40-50 cm, which ended immediately with a cloud-down depth of 2 meters, and now add wet slippery stones here. With us there were 2 instructors: one led, the second closed the squad. The presenter warned in advance about sharp descents, she showed each stone and the protrusion, where it was possible to put the leg to be safe to descend. It was thanks to them that we were able to go to the end and do without injury (broken knees did not count).

So, for example, in order to get into the «Organ» room — a very beautiful place (on the map organ pipes), first it was necessary to make 10 meters in the «crook» to spit on a break of a depth of up to 15 meters. There was nothing to catch there, so I moved to one edge of my legs, but in the other booty, while both instructors were under us, just put in the stretcher of the breed to the meter below:

Of course, the photo will not give all the level of adrenaline in the blood, which you experience, crawling over the fault, but, I think if you visit this place, you will understand me. In the final, as it turned out, before getting to the organ hall, it was necessary to spit on the «rhino». Lases with a width of only 60 cm and a height of 40 cm in places, with rounded and uneven edges, in the middle of which there are 20 cm for a decay of 3 meters deep, it seems to me that no one left indifferent. There was no risk to slip down, it was possible to even relax a little, but the hands-legs there are not moving together — downstairs. Heads do not lift, very low LAZ, elbows do not bend. As a result, you are like a caterpillar, from the last strength, pushing yourself only to your leg socks, smash on the rocky ledge, from which you need to go down 2 meters down, but you don’t even raise your head on the protrusion — the ceiling interferes. Therefore, I fully understood those who asked: «And if you have another way out of this room?», And I don’t have it! Therefore, we climb on the «rhino horn» along the sheer wall and worm back. Generally impressions at least in the backpack fold).

I will miss a description of dinner, swimming and gathering by the fire, they were very fun and interesting, but I think who at least once went to the campaign, so perfectly knows all the charm of a campaign evening.

We are Morning Mountains Wake-up!

The radio sounded, and now the second group, putting the helmets, went to conquer the rock. Before that, I did not climb on the rocks, the descent on the steep slopes in the tourist strapping is not to the bill, so when I was fastened to the carbine, it was very exciting. When you watch from the outside, it seems simple — you are on insurance, there are pebbles, cling to and polly. In reality, even the first 2 meters were with difficulty. Your head you understand that you will not fall, but the hands refuse to believe, and, despite all the prompts of the instructor, the forearms still turned out to be tense to the limit. Perhaps it led me, it remained just a couple of meters to the cherished vertex, when I realized that I just don’t know for which ledge to cling to keep myself. But it was worth it, yes, these are not the feeling that in the cave, but the fear of spank the body to such an emission of adrenaline that even without reaching the top, I felt an excellent student (leaf)!

At the same time, there were among us and those who conquered this albeit a small but top! And I’m not at all surprised what girls did! Despite the different age and physical training, our group showed itself only from the best side, no one did, did not complain, did not make dissatisfied min, everyone went tired, dirty like miners, but satisfied. Yes, and I, despite my originally skeptical attitude, wonderfully spent time — I met interesting people, rested, so that I was squeezed out the 3rd night just «without legs». For myself, I realized that the «kindergarten» is not always bad. Sometimes in order to really do a lot of time, to maximize the energy of the place visited, it is quite good that someone leads you).

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