Good morning friends! Today I will tell you about my experience in talking on the phone with fraudsters who outstanding himself for the representative of the bank.

On this day, nothing foreshadowed trouble … There was a sunny spring weather, against the background of the blue sky, majestic clouds were slowly floated. I with my colleagues expected the beginning of the seminar, standing by the window next to the conference room.

Suddenly, my phone received a call from the Sberbank financial monitoring service. I know a lot about telephone fraudsters, I know about the schemes of work of the rogues, I know that it is impossible to be a panic, but I succumbed. I succumbed because I know the structure of the bank, but the fraudsters did not know. The Bank’s financial monitoring service is engaged in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law «On Counteracting Legalization (Laundering) of Revenues received by criminal, and financing terrorism» from 07.08.2001 N 115-FZ «and they can actually block the map if they have suspicions that it is used To cash out funds received illegally. But the fraudsters do not see the difference between the financial monitoring service and the security and security service service. But let’s go back to the conversation yourself, and so the voice of an adult woman will ask:

Head, Ivan Ivanovich?

Head, yes.

-Is call from the service of financial monitoring «Sberbank» we have questions about your card operations.

Here I panicked and almost believed that the call from the bank was the attention itself.

-Listen to you.

Did you send for the last 5 minutes the translation addressed to the «Kudkina Maria Ivanovna» in the amount of 3 200 rubles?

A smile breaks on my face, I exhaled, the Bank’s financial monitoring service is not exactly engaged in such questions and a fraudster calls me, but decided to play to the end.

No, I did not commit.

-You confirm that they did not make an operation in the amount of 3 200 rubles, did not lose the card?


Do you have a map now? Can you take a card in your hands?

Key moment. Bank employees do not need the details of my card, they have them, moreover, they will not call them even on the phone, if you are asking for the records of the cards — these are fraudsters. There were no cards at hand, a card in a wallet, a wallet in the workplace, and I stand at the door of the conference room.

-Yes, I have.

Processing protocol cancellation of the operation. Name your name.

It is important that the Bank’s employee does not need your name, he calls addresses and sees your questionnaire, everything that will ask when remotely maintain the bank employee is a «secret word».


I have to identify you, as part of the protection of personal data.

-And really enough for identification? The identification of the client is carried out within 187-FZ, and the protection of personal data within 152-ФЗ, besides, in 152-ФЗ, it is definitely indicated that relates to personal data, and the Bank has my consent to process personal data, and if there is What is the volume and what goals? So for what purpose do you use my name?

Obviously, this question not only put a fraudster in a dead end, but also brought it simply into indignation. Because the next phrase was:

-The trial so you will talk, with * ka!

After that, fraudsters decided not to continue the conversation with me more and it seems the protocol of cancellation did not end. I want to note that the colleagues stood around me and when I started talking on the phone all of the curiosity, and maybe they were silenced, so the last phrase that a scroll sacrifice for me is, I think everyone seemed to me. On their extremely surprised and inappropriate glances, I replied:


This is not the only case when I was called from the Bank and not all fraudsters are so aggressive. Once I called «Roman», with whom I had a conversation for a similar scheme, but ended otherwise:

Here you read now.

Stays on the line …

-Well, 50/50, today in the morning (the call was at 10:50 Moscow time.) Already 25 thousand earned.

-Well you are generally unsuccessful …

-And you do not have to be ill).

Dear users, do not join conversations on the phone with supposedly «representatives of the bank» if you start specifying the data of maps or passports, do not attempt to replay them, just lose the challenge, and if you are tormented by doubts, contact your bank by the hotline number , It is listed on the map or contact your nearest branch of the bank. Remember about the basic points of exposure scammers, I wrote about them in the article

Watch your digital security and be healthy!

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