Today I will tell you about one interesting virus. Why what kind of virus was awarded the attention of the whole article? Because it is very ambiguous malware.


The main habitat of this malicious is computers running Windows and Linux operating systems. It falls on them through infected USB carriers, phishing letters and security vulnerabilities.

What else can this baby do in addition to creating a botnet network? For example, it can steal accounts present on the device, for which it starts the script, as soon as the Outlook mailbox hits.

The fact is that Lemonduck does not tolerate competition, so as soon as it gets on the device, it begins to remove other intruders from the device. It gets rid of competing malicious programs, and also prevents any new infection. It can be said that maliciousness arises to protect its territory.

Moreover, the Mainer virus corrected the same vulnerabilities that were used to receive access to them.

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