Hello everyone, so I did not pass me the mailing of the letters from the alleged «public services». And somehow scammers did not excessively try with the design of the letter, the preparation of the title and pictures, it came simply a text message:

The address is replaced using the device abbreviated links, and despite the ending «Gosuslugi.ru» you need to understand that the address will not lead you to the official website of the «Gosuluga», but on a phishing page or the site where you have a malicious program.

Pay attention to the sender’s address:

It is immediately clear that the sender no relation to the portal «Gosuluga» does not have, and again the recipient! Why are there two? «State services» always makes the address sending a letter.

Well, let’s say we bought … Let’s go and see what we expect from the link to the site. Come on the link and …

And the connection is unsafe, because it never happened when you went to the site «State services», because so? We have been lazy (well, or not) yourself certificate scammers pay. In principle, you can continue to go further, already at these stages you need to understand that nothing good will succeed and you are hardly risking your means and the security of your device (computer, phone). But we will go …. horror how interesting is that there the crooks prepared for us.

Go to the page. What a sorry … I thought there would be a phishing site «State services», which one in one looks like a real one, and there:

Already at this stage, we risk them to get into the database of fraudsters, because until they know our email address, and now they can still find out the name and date of birth. In his article

Checking and searching for data Introduced by me, to be honest, I thought that the viruses were loaded to my computer until the viruses were loaded to my computer, because it often pressed on confirmation buttons. Whether I did not find anything, whether the loads were not, but the antivirus was silent stubbornly, and I did not reveal suspicious activity.

After a few seconds, I learned that Zhulikov Frameter Tolevich was allowed to pay as much as 264 thousand rubles! And all then you need to pay a fee of 375 rubles.

After moving the button for payment of the duty, the Singapore payment system window opened.

It was so interesting how much how much will make a «duty» that I made non-existent data and pressed «pay.»

But no, the rogues did not burn and left the size of the duty of 375 rubles. Although …. Do you know what a prolonged payment is in the service? The meaning is that the user independently makes the first translation from the card, the service considers it to be a fixed payment and the fraudsters begin to write off the money from the card, without confirming the SMS code, until the account is reset. So I no longer risked and just closed the page.

What happens if you pay for a duty?

At best, you lose 375 rubles, in the worst of all the money that is on the map. What about payments? Payments certainly will not, because fraudsters did not even ask where to transfer money to you!

Dear users, do not repeat my experiment, the attackers constantly change their schemes of work and maybe you will not even reach payment as you are infected with the virus! When you receive such letters simply remove them. Watch your digital security and be healthy!