Based on real events …

I have a friend, we will call it Vasya, who really wants to quickly and easily earn. Vasya is ready to climb into all themes for earnings on the Internet, where the profit promises him. In general, he has a short guy and higher education, and many things understand, but it does not give it to Halyava.

He went to my office with the next: «Mikhalych, there is a topic as in the network of money to raise!». And the very eye is burning, as if on the road I found a box with money. Well, I think, I wonder what you are so new, Vasya, Imputed.

It turns out that he contacted him one friend from Ukraine, with whom they already in one «project» participated. The project was dedicated to the mutualization scheme (one scam), but soon Vasya realized that his loans were taken and returning bots, and the goal was alone his reserves on the service. I understood, of course, late, and all my remnants lost, and I also did not care.

And so, Vasya with a trembling in his voice tells me that there is such a new social network that allows you to make any other communication, it is called Futurenet. The fact that how it all works great and a lot of money brings.

On my perplexed look, Vasya issued:

«Come on, Mikhalych, connect, we will cut money.»

As it turned out, in order to «chop out» money, of course, at first it was necessary to invest there. It was necessary to buy advertising packages by $ 10 or $ 50 and advertise on them. And how to earn? So: browse advertising from other users and at the same time return their invested means with a percentage. Well, very doubtful it seemed to me with the fact that on the day you needed to see only 10 advertising blocks. Total 10 blocks regardless of packages purchased, i.e. It doesn’t matter $ 50, you have invested or $ 500, you have a package or a hundred.

I tried to explain Vasya that it does not happen that in 10 minutes of watching advertising on the day you will pay 365% per annum (1% per annum). But he has proven to me with foam with foam that it works that he has already brought $ 200 through the electronic wallet. I tried it to push it to the right conclusions:

«Good, Vasya, if you explain the economic substantiation of this scheme, then I will introduce $ 500.»

Well, they really work, advertising are engaged, this is a network of the future, they are held in Dubai conference!

What is good in Dubai, and what is the economic meaning of operations?

Well, now they have their own cryptocurrency, they are supporting sports, sponsorship of football Bundes League of Germany.

So what are they paid for?

So for watching advertising.

And a little for watching advertising 1% percent per day? The same 365% per annum. And what did you advertise there?

So your referral link to Furturenet so that the referrals are to earn more!

So after all, they saw it only registered users, what’s the point?

Well, I do not know, there are many who did so, I needed the main package for advertising.

And how many packages do you have?

-10 packs of $ 10 and 10 packs of $ 50.

Those. Vasya has already invested there by $ 600, and in what the meaning of these operations can not understand this very much, because interest is accrued! I decided then to go to the forehead, and I tell him: «Vasya, this is a financial pyramid!»

Vasya did not believe me, says: «The company is before creating social networks, worked and works on Earth in the field of B2B — advertising, business for business. Located in Poland. This is not a pyramid, they will always work. Already since 2017, payments go ! » And so the phrase said this, as the happening directly. I suggested to honor him at least to read the reviews, and in half of the reviews: «The company before the creation of social networks, worked and works on Earth in the field of B2B — advertising, business for business …» Slogan have something like that? Or some kind of code, from which an adult guy has forgotten a brain completely. Well, talked and forgotten.

And so, a couple of months passes, I meet Vasya on the floor. I ask how he is on Futurenet? It turns out that the FutureNet website recently updated and the Wasi had problems here:

It turned its $ 600 at $ 45, how and why he happened and could not understand himself, they might have depreciated the packages.

For depreciated packages, he stopped accrued interest, even though you see advertising at least not.

Even their ill-fated 45 $, he could no longer withdraw, because the minimum amount to the conclusion is $ 50.

The percentages are not accrued, then it stopped advertising, but it turns out if 14 days do not attend advertising, the account is deactivated.


I told me this Vasya, acknowledged that again with the scams collided. «It’s good that you, Mikhalych, did not invest» says Vasya. But Vasya is not sad, and today he told me that now on the currency earns. I bought, says a robot, he makes him bets and dock shakes. He says that «100% theme», for forex future! Already 4000 $ invested …

Do not be like Vasya …