Hello everyone! And today the permanent rubric «What’s new sent scammers». Schemes of fraudsters just like a horn of abundance — do not dry and do not cease to amaze.

And now, today I came next letter from scammers:

The letter, though it is more unlikely, but is built quite competently. There are no threats, promises, no one is covered by famous brands. Here is the calculation on your curiosity or even caution. You will not dismount the fact that someone used your postal address to register. Therefore, the first goal is achieved — you switched on the link.

When you go on the link from the fraudster, you always expect any page or website that looks at a well-known brand. This is usually an online store or credit institution, but then the scammers surprised me, their page-clone of the leading Russian RBC company operating in the areas of mass media and information technology.

What are the difficulties? In order to give all the fraudsters of legitimacy. After all, what we are talking about in the news cannot be wrong. Here is just the address of the site that is not at all similar to RBC.RU, it is very confused, and all links on the site lead only one page:

Here and the official Logo Gazprom, and the photo of A. Miller, and the Lipovaya License, and very attractive investment projects.

Everything is clear with the linden license, it does not exist, and it is needed to remove the eyes, but why are such low interest on the «Northern Flow»? It seems to me that it is unfair! Of course, anyway, what project you will choose, all links lead one window of registration, where it is very important to enter your phone number.

Initially, when I came to this site, I suggested that this is some kind of new financial pyramid (I was already trying to tighten into one —

Reviews I, of course, found, not at all flattering — in one word «

It would seem that everything seemed to add everything here … How suddenly I decided to read the client contract … He is on the site, written out of the hands of «Koryvo», but still there is, and there are just amazing things there:

With responsibility for investment, more or less clear — the client invests money at his own risk, although the site says that income is written

Instead of epiloga. I can assume that the fake scheme under Gazprom has already been sick — many negative reviews, articles about

Excuse me, but «the same eggs only in the profile.» Even the number of free places they have the same. Yes, and the form for entering the phone contains the same prompt in the form of the room. Just change the contents of the page, several styles and voila — a new website-scam ready!

Take care of yourself and loved ones, do not trust offers with quick and big profit.

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