Most recently, a friend sent me a «next masterpiece» in the form of correspondence with the seller to Avito. And if before that, the fraudsters somehow «tried», they made «phishing» sites similar to Avito, send emails confirming the payment that looked one in one, as real, then they were completely fragmented …

As an adult made man, I decided my friend to buy a pocket game console … I found a very advantageous offer for Avito (for just 500 rubles) and wrote the seller:

See how «conveniently» is obtained:

The seller sends a drink bye, a courier brings you, you don’t pay for the goods while you do not check it.

You only pay for the «frozen account» for delivery, and it knows only after you confirm the delivery.

That’s just delivery according to the site of the SDEK from the city of the seller to the city of the buyer is the cheapest costs 400 rubles (from the warehouse to the warehouse), and then the courier will personally come to you with the commodity for 500 rubles.

As for the «frozen account», then if I’m not mistaken, it’s just a phone number, and if there is no delivery, how to return these frozen means? The phone number indicates the republic of Udmurtia and the seller is there. Coincidence?

If you search this phone number, you can stumble upon Izhevsk ads with goods of the same character, as well as the seller on Avito. Stop, the seller writes that it is a «verified courier wallet.»

A friend did not decide to make such a dubious deal, and the proposal with the gaming console no longer appeared at the seller.

P.S. On the classic divorce of fraudsters on Avito.

Everything is very simple: the seller comes a message in Messenger that the buyer has already paid for delivery to Avito and the seller just need to get money and send the goods:

And what would get the money you need to follow the link where the site will open to enroll the funds to the card

I think you do not need to explain what happens if you specify the card number, its validity period and CVC code? Right! There will be a write-off, and not the fact that the amount that is listed on the site.

Be vigilant, citizens! And as for the situation with my friend …

And what do you think, maybe he «came» and is it just an honest seller? And here on the empty place «conclusions» done?