Yolikov has nothing saint. On any weakness of a person, on any fear they are ready to «earn» money.

The emotionality of the victims is the main tool of the fraudster. By choosing a category of citizens from the elderly, they began to «trade fear» on one of the most sensitive topics for them — health.

Now scammers are represented by the staff of the Polyclinic, call the elderly and immediately try to shock the victim — «

Further, fraudsters begin to tell about a terrible diagnosis and about what will help them only expensive medicine, which should urgently buy and start taking.

Many believed to sweat, hurried to the nearest ATM and removed all the savings. The couriers came to them immediately, they took the money and handed something similar to a medicine box. The drug was the usual nutritional supplement.

In addition to explicit financial damage, serious damage is possible here, because it is not known how the elderly person will react to these additives. The worst thing is that in your attempts to cause excessive excitement in the elderly, fraudsters do not think that it can really become bad from such news.

What to do?

Well, first, to warn your parents and acquaintances that the fraudsters can act like this.

Secondly, to explain to the elderly, that after a conversation need to calm down and call to the clinic, check if you just talked with a doctor or were fraudsters.

What do you think about this?

About how fraudsters enjoy your honesty, you can read in the article