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The illusion of knowledge is a meticient distortion, in which a person exaggerates the degree of understanding of the material.

It was this feature of a person’s psychology that the authors of the HackBoss decided to take advantage of the authors of the HACKBOSS, an uncomplicated program for finding and replacing the address of cryptococheries in the exchange buffer.

The authors of the Trojan horse created the Telegram channel, which is distributed free of charge programs for hacking accounts of online banking users, dating sites and cryptoch. Programs are published for everyone who wants to try themselves as a «hacker». Here are just all published programs for hacking on the channel contain a Trojan horse.

How is infected with:

The victim downloads the archive with the «Program for Hacking Accounts», unpacks it and launches the program.

The program contains a simple interface, when you click on any button of which causes decryption and execution of the code of the Trojan horse, while the program for hacking may not work at all.

The malware is prescribed in the system by adding itself to autoload through the registry or creating a task in the task scheduler of the operating system. So it can work independently without the initial archive.

Next, HackBoss checks the contents of the exchange buffer for the presence of cryptococheries addresses and, finding such, produces a substitution to the address wallet of the fraudster.

It turns out that wishes to hack other accounts, he infects himself a malicious program that steals from him from cryptococheries.

Now the channel has 2800 subscribers, i.e. Almost 3 thousand potential victims who have impaired themselves with hackers. Analysts found more than a hundred Wallets Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Monero associated with HackBoss. For 2.5 years, fraudsters managed to steal more than $ 560 thousand in digital currency from beginner hackers.