The first thought of man who had a victim of fraudsters, as a rule, is an attempt to return his money. And here you need to understand how to act in one situation or another.

The fraudster forced you to make a direct transfer from the card to the card, or, requesting your card data, demanded to tell him the SMS code. In this case, returning money by contacting the bank almost unrealistic. The fact is that the fact of fraud still needs to be proved, and since you yourself reported all the necessary details of the fraudster and, neglecting the bank protection systems, disclosed the confirmation of the SMS code, the bank has no reason to consider this operation fraudulent. In this case, you can only block the card so that fraudsters cannot continue to perform operations with it (it concerns and lost cards). The bank is your appeal, of course, will definitely take into account and may add to the details of the fraudsters (phone number) in the appropriate database, but the money will not return.

You paid the fraudster not on the card, but at the expense of a legal or an individual (for example, in the case when you put a fake payment receipt in the mailbox). In this case, if you quickly react, you can try to withdraw your payment in the bank. If the money has not yet left a correspondent account, then you really can return your money.

The settlement systems are now very quickly working as you know, the calculations are almost instantaneous for cards. How to be in this case? Trying to contact fraudsters and put pressure on pity? Will not succeed, pity fraudsters do not feel when

Only one thing remains to contact the law enforcement agencies. In this case, if you do not even be able to return the money in court, then at least you complicate life scammers and may be punished with the fact that they will be attracted to criminal responsibility.

It is not necessary to stay indifferent, even if you were deceived for a small amount, fraudsters, as a rule, they expect that you just «forgive» them these money and be lazy to contact the authorities. Even if you could not return the money, in your power, so that hunting began behind fraudsters, and the number of deceived people no longer grew. In addition, you can do it remotely.


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Return money, lost as a result of fraudulent actions, is very difficult. This can be done only if the criminals are found by law enforcement agencies and are criminally liable.

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