Just yesterday, a link to the «phishing» site M.Video, let’s see what scammers thought.

The link came to my friend, and he, knowing my passion for the analysis of fraudulent schemes, immediately sent me a screenshot of the message.

Well, let’s proceed. Go to the suggested link, which, of course, I do not recommend, because You can not block viruses, visiting dubious sites, but I work in a virtual machine specially created for these purposes. The link is encrypted using the service of short links, and it ultimately leads to the site that really looks like M.Video:

In general, to completely create a fake working site you need to hold a colossal work, and I thought that probably fraudsters were completely confused when it was created. But when trying to go to any link, I received a message:

It turns out that the scammers with the creation of the site were not so bored, just made one page, and an anchor hung to all other links with a message about the impossibility of transition. It also turned out that the buttons to select the phone color also do not carry any payload and only need to make a page more like this.

And of course the price! We offer a phone at the price of 22 thousand rubles in just 3000. This is a discount, as many as 86%! Suppose we did not pay attention to the address in the address bar, which is little similar to the address of this site:

We did not bother the price almost 8 times lower than the market, and we clicked on the «Add to Cart» button

Here, we again do not give other selection except to pay the goods by the map, while trying to click on other payment methods, they report that they do not act within the framework. If we continue to design, then also give our data to fraudsters.

Of course, on the site it is done in order to further reduce the vigilance of the victim, because the site promises free telephone shipping by courier. But if you read my article


Finally, we turn to the payment form, pay attention to the address of the payment system.

Here the fields are really mandatory (except e-mail), and to go on, I had to fill them on, but there is no validation there, so I just filled them with units. Next, we are offered to enter the data of the card and again the address of the service! What a non-permanent!

What do we have in the end?

We are offered to enter the data of the card data and the SMS number of the code. Nothing reminds? And if you had it asked not a payment service, but a «security officer»? That’s it! It is absolutely clear that no one will send you the question: how much will you write if you fill out the form? Promised 2990 or all that is on the map? Yes, and with mathematics, scammers are not all good: the price is 2990 rubles. , Commission of the Bank 100 r., and for payment 3092 p. Where did you get 2 rubles, Karl? I did not risk and submit the data of my card, because at best I would lose 3000 rubles, and in the worst everything is on the map.

Are you faced with similar schemes of fraud? Tell us about them in the comments, maybe they will help others not be deceived.