This is a story from the category «Do you know?» It also relates to an interesting fact about the strategic security of American nuclear missiles.

In 1960, the production of intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles of ground-based miniments began in the United States. They have provided a mechanism for protection against accidental launch — using the digital scoreboard, the operator was to enter the code.

The protective system guaranteed that a non-governmental person who gained access to the US nuclear arsenal cannot lead it into action. It was a defense not only from foreign enemies, which could capture the weapons, but also from their own commanders — so that some of them as a result of a mental disruption began by chance a nuclear war.
However, the command ordered to establish on all such rockets — and their number over time reached 1000 — the same code 00000000 (eight zeros in a row) and issued a printout of the code to each soldier on duty. Such an approach was to ensure rapid response at the beginning of the atomic war. But some senior officers even such measures seemed insufficient for rapid response, so they blocked all the numbers on the launch panel, except for zero, to ensure that the soldier cannot accidentally enter the wrong numbers.

Only in 1977, the command took into account the threat of nuclear terrorism and decided to change the lung code, known to all officers, on an individual for each rocket.

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