Good afternoon, dear reader. I am glad to welcome you in now the permanent heading «Mailing of fraudsters on the mail». I do not know where my mailbox was so lit up, but I am a weekly «spam», filled

This time the letter was supposedly from «», and just that, and not from Yandex. Sender’s address, of course, «left».

After receiving such a letter, it seems to me that only the most gullible users of the Internet will switch by reference. 80% of people will certainly recognize the fraudster only on the design of the letter and send it to spam or basket. For the remaining 20% dedicated …

Go to the link and we offer the site consisting of only 2 pages: windows with gift boxes and chat, in which the participants of the draw allegedly rewrite. We are invited to introduce your name, obviously to communicate with us, so I could not resist, and the «fraudster» entered into the game. Oddly enough, but on this site you can write in chat than I did not slow down. Why strange? Because in all the previously of my surveys:

Of course, this chat is an illusion, and no one except for you will see you, but the script on the site is trying in every way to imitate the conversations of the participants.

Click on gift boxes. And the first two of them turn out to be empty — the fraudster supports the illusion, but at the crucial moment — Ta-yes !!! I won 3060 dollars. True, notlabo?

Next creates the visibility of correspondence with the technical support operator. It was funny how scammers congratulate the winning «fraudster.» I agree to get a winnings and even enter the «data» of the cards:

After we enanounced a big gain, throughout the logic of the genre, we must request a small amount, usually a duty (tax) for winning. But here the fraudsters went non-standard. The money, of course, they asked, but not, and the bank, who rejected my surgery due to the fact that it was conducted in the currency. Therefore, you need to pay for the conversion of dollars in rubles:

That’s just redirect to pay me steel on a very dubious site. Doubtful so much that even browsers did not want to let me go there and persistently reported me that I was dealing with fraudsters. For you, my readers, I was very persistent and still got to the counter payment:

I think you guess what it would be next? I would just «throw» 450 rubles. Or not? Or am I «Thomas Unbeligious» refused 200 thousand rubles?

The illusion of good luck: no one would have any attempts, always one (usually last) winning for a large amount.

Activity of participants: chat participants or «live» reviews + chat with a site operator.

Wash output: Entering data that a fraudster can use in other divorce schemes.

On the hook: if you have completed the first transaction in 450 rubles, the fraudsters already with you «will not tear.» The following will follow the tax on winnings, then the commission for the translation, and here 450 rubles that you decide to sacrifice, turn into 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

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