Stories about the most ridiculous and unsuccessful robbers and fraudsters.

Mount-robber, visiting the cafe, decided to rob it. Threatening with a gun, he demanded a cashier to fold all the revenue into a paper bag and transfer to it. By taking the package, the criminal left the cafe and hastily headed for his car, but the package could not stand and the bills scattered on the wet asphalt, leaving only the handful of dollars in her hand. Further, the robber, opening the car, managed to break the key in the castle, and the robbery final was the fact that he tried to convulse to turn the jammed door, pressed the pistol’s trigger and shot his leg …

In one of the suburbs of Philadelphia, two guys decided to rob the bank. As a rule, with a robbery for waste, a stolen car is used, so right before the robbery they stole mini-Ven. That’s just theft saw the owner of the car and ran over the robbers. The robbers entered the bank and even able to pick up money there, just at the exit of the car did not turn out — the owner found and took her. At this, the adventures of the robbers were not over, and they decided to escape. One caught immediately. But the other turned out to be a good runner. Already rarely, and he almost managed to hide from the police. But for incomprehensible reasons, the police once «sat down on the tail», and eventually caught up the raid. «How did you manage it?» — perplexed one. Cops pointed on his legs. His favorite sneakers were on the vulnea. At each step in their soles, red lights flashed. In the afternoon they are almost invisible …

Events unfolded in California. Mount the robber decided to rob the store, but after all, it was not enough: he had no mask. Then, without inventing anything better, he took whipped cream, smeared his face and, approaching the cashier, was growing out of money. Cassis, in turn, looking at this misunderstanding, just rolled from laughter. There was a hitch, and the cream in the meantime began to melt and slide. The robber panicked and rushed to the exit, but the cream was already looking into the eyes, and therefore a loser, confusing the glass door with a window, from all over Mach, hit his forehead about thick glass and lost consciousness. Police already led him.

And this story has already occurred in Russia in the area of ​​Kupchino St. Petersburg. One night at the store decided to attack the young resident of the cultural capital. Waving the object that looks like a gun, the young man demanded to give him the contents of the ticket office and several bottles of dear brandy. The seller was not confused and demanded a completely everyday tone to present documents confirming that the fan of Cognac is already 21 years old. Feeling offended, the young man presented a passport in which it was already 23 years old! Here only besides the age of the seller looked at the name and address of the raider than and decided to share with the police after the plaque. The raid himself was so kind that with an open bottle of brandy was in the specified address, although it was not at all expected to arrive the patrol car.

Robbery is a very responsible and exciting event, especially when you are going to rob one of the largest banks in London. Therefore, there is nothing surprising that the robber, bursting into the department of the bank Halifax, was so excited that after demanded money from the cashier, he handed him his gun instead of a bag for money. But the cashier was not confused — grabbed the gun and sent it to the criminal. Mount-robber did not have anything to save themselves, but still he did not leave empty hands. He made a bike, which stood at the bank and belonged to one of the employees.

The robber is penetrated into the house, but with time he did not guessed, because the owners unexpectedly returned home. Get out of the house, the robber no longer have time and therefore decided to hide under the stairs, wait for the right moments to escape. The owner of the house was in the beautiful arrangement of the Spirit and told his wife anecdote. The wife did not appreciate the joke, but a loud laughter rang out of the stairs. House owners called the police, which only remained to delay the criminal.

Jonathan Parker broke into a strange house to deal with valuable things and cash. Everything was quite well enough, thieves found a few rings worth more than three thousand dollars, and he was already going to leave the house as he saw a computer. No, he did not steal him, he decided to sit on the Internet on the «freebie». The stupidity of the robber was so great that our hero was not just turned on the computer, but he went on his personal page on the social network Facebook. When the owners of the house returned, they immediately noticed the included computer with an open page of the robber — he did not even bother to close it. Arrived by the police left only to punch the address of the amateur of social networks and make detention.

The fact that the 68-year-old Muscovite stores jewelry and a large amount in dollars, the neighbors whispering so long that these rumors reached the unemployed from Abkhazia, who repaired the apartment nearby. An enterprising man broke the window in the kitchen of the first floor and pulled out everything that found. Including 50 billion. True, the dollars turned out to be Zimbabvian and did not imagine any value, since they went on the territory of the country from 1981 to 2009 (now Zimbabwe has no own currency). However, somehow was still: the thief was raised by thousands of Azerbaijani manat (equivalent to about 39 thousand rubles) and 100 US dollars. When the thief was detained, he asked him to condescend, since the amount of the stolen was still small, despite the weighty package. However, the court sentenced him to five years in prison.

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